The Future of THE PROMISE

For three decades, the story of Jesus has unfolded in drama, song, and pageantry through THE PROMISE. The evidence of God’s blessing on the production is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands who have made a pilgrimage to this remote hillside and countless more who have left forever changed by its impact.

There is not space here to recount how through the years, God has made ways-like streams in the desert, for the ministry of THE PROMISE to continue. Like the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness, He has kept the sandals on our feet! Now, 30 years later, we sense that THE PROMISE in on the threshold of new beginnings as we step into a new era and a new generation that needs to be reached with its message. And we need your help to do that!

THE PROMISE is housed in a fantastic, one of a kind facility-The Texas Amphitheatre, and we have been entrusted with its care and maintenance. Without it, THE PROMISE simply would not be the same. However, rising costs in producing the presentation have taken priority over the years, while attending to critical needs related to the infrastructure of the Amphitheatre itself have had to be postponed. For example, we continue to depend on an antiquated lighting system, with a great percentage of its circuitry no longer functioning. (The installation of new digital lighting would save us thousands of dollars in power usage alone!) Our “moat” water feature is the only one of its kind in the USA, but it is in desperate need of renovation with new pumps and plastering. And speaking of sandals in the desert, many of the costumes you will enjoy tonight have been in use for the entire history of the production! Our designer dreams of a budget that will allow for the creation of beautiful new wardrobe items!

Mentioned here are just a few of the needs related to THE PROMISE. Our desire is that everything we do reflects the Kingdom and its King! The needs may seem enormous, but we know that our God is with us, and with your help, we will be able to keep THE PROMISE going for years to come! Please prayerfully consider partnering with us as we move toward 2018 and the 30th anniversary of THE PROMISE. We present these opportunities for tax-deductible giving:

Gifts of $2500 and above

Tiered Giving
Gold- $1000 and above Silver-$500 and above Bronze $200 and above

Advertisers in our Playbill

Provide many opportunities to promote and serve

Exciting changes are coming to THE PROMISE in 2018, with new scenes and music, as well as new family programming at the Amphitheatre for the Spring and Summer months! For more information about participation in our giving plan, please contact Operations Manager, Billie Kinnard. Thank you for your generous support!


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